Design   Print and Digital Design Examples

Healing Heroes with Sports logo

Logo Refined

The original logo for Healing Heroes with Sports needed to be updated. I redesigned the logo and changed the web address from .org to .com to reflect the new website, which I designed and built.

Scavenger hunt fundraiser flyer

Fundraiser Flyer

A flyer I designed using Photoshop to promote a local fundraiser. The flyer was distributed throughout the area and online to raise awareness of bullying, suicide prevention, and to assist a local family who suffered a devastating loss.

Black Hills Ski Team logos comparison

Logo Comparison

The original Black Hills Ski Team logo in black and white, next to my enhanced version. The team's logo remains in black and white; I was just having some fun with Photoshop.

Bikers Against Prostate Cancer patch

Patch Design

Patch design for Bikers Against Prostate Cancer, a local nonprofit organization. This design was slightly modified and used as a tattoo template.

Bikers Against Prostate Cancer poker run logo

Logo Design

Logo design for the Bikers Against Prostate Cancer charity poker run from 2011.

Cooler Concepts logo

Logo Design

Logo design for a mock company in the motorcycle parts and accessories business.

Cool Factor logo

Logo Design

Logo design for a mock company, Cool Factor.

Cool Factor logo concept

Logo Design

Logo design concept for Cool Factor, the mock motorcycle parts company.

Cooler Concepts logo

Logo Design

Logo design concept for Cool Factor.

Web site concept

Web Page Design Concept

Web site design illustration.

Bikers Against Prostate Cancer web site

Bikers Against Prostate Cancer Web Site

The Bikers Against Prostate Cancer web site, which I created and maintain. I am planning on freshening it up and re-designing the layout.

Black Hills Ski Team website

Black Hills Ski Team Web Site

The Black Hills Ski Team web site, which I designed, created and continue to maintain. I am in the process of moving the entire site to WordPress as the organization's needs are changing. The original site was created as a working prototype to build upon.

Bikers Against Prostate Cancer flyer page 1

Tri-Fold Pamphlet

The front of a pamphlet designed to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Bikers Against Prostate Cancer flyer page 2

Tri-Fold Pamphlet

The back of the informational pamphlet circulated at various local motorcycle events to raise cancer awareness.

Black Hills Ski Team giant slalom race flyer

Promotional Flyer

Promotional flyer advertising the 2017 giant slalom races hosted by the Black Hills Ski Team.

Black Hills Ski Team flyer for schools

Promotional Flyer

A flyer to promote membership for the Black Hills Ski Team 2016-2017 season. This was distributed to all of the schools in the area, including Spearfish, Lead-Deadwood, and Rapid City, SD.

Black Hills Ski Team poster design

Poster Design

Design proposal for a Black Hills Ski Team promotional poster. This design was not chosen by the board members.

Black Hills Ski Team poster

Promotional Poster

Promotional poster to promote the Black Hills Ski Team. This poster was chosen by the board of directors to be displayed at various public events in the area.

Black Hills Ski Team flyer for a raffle

Raffle Flyer

A flyer I created to advertise the Black Hills Ski Team 2017 annual fundraiser raffle.

Black Hills Ski Team skijoring poster

2017 Skijoring Poster

Poster advertising the first annual Black Hills Ski Team skijoring fundraiser. This was displayed online as well as printed in various sizes and posted in the area.

2nd Annual Black Hills Ski Team skijoring poster

2018 Skijoring Poster

Advertisment for the second annual Black Hills Ski Team skijoring fundraiser. I used a photo that I took the previous year. Posters and flyers were printed and distributed in the Black Hills in addition to digital advertising on social media.

Photography   Untouched Photos and Photoshop Examples

Black Hills Pioneer team photo 2016

Black Hills Pioneer Photo, 2016

A photo that I took of the Black Hills Ski Team published in the Black Hills Pioneer, a local newspaper. Original story:

Tri-State Livestock News skijoring, 2018

Tri-State Livestock News, 2018

Seven of my photos were published in the Tri-State Livestock News on February 15, 2018. Original story:

The Black Hills Ski Team 2018 skijoring fundraiser.

Skijoring 2018

One of the photos I shot at the 2018 Black Hills Ski Team skijoring fundraiser.

Jimmie Bratcher in concert

Original Photo

The original photo of Jimmie Bratcher in concert used to create Photoshop images.

Photoshop image of Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughn

Photoshop Example #1

Created using Photoshop with the previous photo and a picture of Stevie Ray Vaughn from the internet.

Photoshop image of Jimmie Bratcher and Jimi Hendrix

Photoshop Example #2

Using the original photo I took of Jimmie Bratcher, I used Photoshop to create this image of him playing alongside Jimi Hendrix.

Original photo

Original photo

A photo of Jimmie Bratcher that I took in August of 2016.

Photoshop project

Photoshop Edit #1

A Photoshop image created with the previous photo.

Photoshop example

Photoshop Edit #2

A second image created with the previous original photo of Jimmie Bratcher.


Wildfire at Night

I photographed the Crow Peak wildfire one evening using my Nikon equipment. Using a slow shutter speed allowed more light into the lens; therefore, no flash was used.

Spearfish Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Lower Falls in Spearfish Canyon. Slowing the shutter speed created the effect of moving water.

Offshore raceboat

Offshore Raceboat

A photo I took of an offshore boat traveling over 100 m.p.h.

Alice Cooper

Concert Photo

Photograph of Alice Cooper performing during the 2015 annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Alice Cooper's Frankenstein

Concert Prop

A picture of Alice Cooper's Frankenstein prop taken with my Nikon equipment. I did not use the flash, instead I adjusted the ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Alice Cooper in a straight jacket

Concert Photo

A photo of Alice Cooper performing in concert while wearing his straight jacket.

youth football

Youth Football

One of my favorite photos of my son, staring down the running back while going in for the tackle.

Youth football running back

Youth Football

A running back on a youth football team trying to put some distance between himself and the opposing team's defense.

Youth football in the rain

Youth Football

A missed tackle at the 6-yard line at a youth football game played in the rain.

Slalom race

Slalom Race

Youth slalom racer crashing the gates.

Kombi race

Kombi Race

My daughter racing in a youth kombi race.

Super G race

Super G Race

A Black Hills Ski Team youth athlete competing in a super G race in Big Sky, MT.

Kombi race

Kombi Race

My son racing in a kombi race.

Slalom race

Slalom Race

A young Black Hills Ski Team athlete crashing the gates in a slalom race.

Ski Team coach


A Black Hills Ski Team coach teaching a young athlete proper form while skiing.

Videography   Short Video Clip Examples

Youth Basketball, 2012

This is a compilation of video clips that I recorded of youth basketball games. I added music and some effects to the video as well as the opening title and closing credits.

Ski For Light, 2014

Ski for Light is an non-profit organization that holds annual ski events for visually- as well as mobility-impaired individuals. The video clips were filmed with a GoPro mounted on my helmet. After obtaining the required releases, this video was submitted to, and won, a contest hosted by Terry Peak Ski Area. I donated the prizes to the Ski For Light foundation.

Skiing Bloopers, 2014

A combination of clips filmed by me while skiing as well as clips filmed of me by a friend. I added multiple title screens as well as text within the video itself. I also included music and effects such as slow motion and fade in and out.

Flash   Adobe Flash Examples

Below are a series of Flash projects for one of my college classes. The objective was to create a fun and entertaining learning tool for grade-school children.





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